Are your sunglasses UV protected?




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    Seamus O'Carey

    I believe this info should be in the description of every pair as well as the fact that the lenses are polycarbonate. When my friend asked me if I thought he should get some of these sunglasses I almost told him not to, because I figured if the UVA/UVB blocking ability and lens material weren't mentioned in the description of the product then it probably meant they were plastic lenses that had no ability to block UVA/UVB light. I saw a section for questions, but it appeared to be answers from other customers so I was just about to leave the site when I finally noticed the FAQ section all the way at the bottom of the page! I think you should proudly display this info as prominently as possible! ;)

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    Hey Seamus! We hear you and this is changing! Gotta keep up with demand. ;) Thanks for your support!

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    Amy Anderson

    I agree- I have not ordered these for months because I didn’t think they are safe.. I just happened to see a random fb ad comment about it. Thanks!

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    Kim Cornell

    I had to really search to see if the eyewear was safe to wear regarding UV protection. It should be in the description or on the first page!

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