How long does it take to process my order?




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    sue winterfield

    Still waiting to hear the status of my order. Payment has been made but no shipping or order details. Wondering when I will be receiving my paid order

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    I have been waiting almost 6 days for it to process

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    Hey there @Wimanjw

    We would love to get to the bottom of this and see what is going on with your order.  If you wouldn't mind, please email us at,, with either your order number or first and last name on the order.  This will help us get you your sunnies ASAP :)

    Talk to ya soon! 

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    Mike Juiz

    I placed my order on January 28th and still haven't received any order status change. When I check the status it says that it's not fulfilled yet. I know it says 3-5 business days but it has been almost 2 weeks. I was hoping to get them earlier for a present and I have been patient. Just want to know what is going on with my order.

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